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"Nature is divine art  "

- Dante Alighieri - 

Everything in nature is vibrating, resonating, singing the divine echo of creation. Alchemy is the elevation of vibrations, on the transformation of bodies.  


Through the paracelsian spagyric method we produce sovereign remedies for the soul, body and spirit.


Malinalli Alchemy is a Mexican alchemical herbal laboratory. It was founded by Daniela Luna, botanist, naturotherapist, communicologist and alchemist, in 2018, with the intention of creating a Mexican alchemy, through botanical and magical research.


The alchemical remedies are elaborated and extracted with organic and 100% edible materials, with the spagyric method that consists of dissolving and coagulating, the 3  components of all matter: mercury, sulfur and salt, the medicinal components of plants are purified and extracted in a precise synergy that balances, strengthens or enhances the forces or intelligences in the body and the psyche. In Paracelsian art, our body and functioning depend on the 7 forces that in balance manifest perfection and health. Imbalances present themselves as disease or pathology. The 7 intelligences are: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  



Magic is in everything that exists, singing for those who can hear it.



Do you want to know more about Alchemy?

Spagyral is a circle of hermetic studies based in Mexico, look for the channel on Youtube and you can visit our page to learn more about botany, spagyrics, astrology and magic.

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