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Known as chilcuague, pyrethrum,  golden root  or Aztec root, Heliopsis longipes is a wild plant that can be found throughout the year in some areas of the states of Querétaro, Guanajuato and San Luis Potosí, being endemic to the region.


This plant is considered of economic importance due to the qualities attributed to it.  medicinal , since its antibacterial and fungicidal function has been proven, thanks  The affinin compound is an effective insecticide.


Muscle relaxant, healing, bactericide and fungicide, tonic. Muscle relaxant, helps fight acne. Promotes oral health and relaxes inflamed gums. Great tonic for the throat.

This extract leads to the crystallization of the chilicuague salt, making it a spagyric tonic. Made by Malinalli Alchemy. 250ml 

Chilicuague Extract (Golden Root)

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